Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nashville 2012 - The People

I wrote about the music the other day, but the other thing that stands out from our trip to Nashville are the people. Everyone is so friendly there! Tina and I had never been to the city before and we were able to ask a few people and get around easily.

Everywhere we stopped, people were friendly. Even the bartender at the Wild Horse Saloon, the scalpers we bought tickets from, our cab drivers...all so nice!

But, the best part of the entire trip was seeing our friend Cindy. We met Cindy and her now husband, Jay, last year on our girls weekend in Buffalo. Cindy has her art studio in Nashville and we were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with her.

She even had this really fun project planned for us. Even me....who is NOT creative at all was able to do it:) First we began with a canvas and glued down pieces of fabric and letters and really anything we wanted to.

Then we sketched out what we were going to paint. I did a house....well, because it meant drawing a square and a triangle. I could handle that.

Then we painted....right over all the fabric.

We added some a design on the roof and some leaves. This is actually a picture of our first house that we owned. It is where our family began.

Lastly, we stamped a word or two on it. I did our last name and the word 'Love'.

From beginning to end....

Our finished products. Tina brought some of her kiddos art work and used that on her first layer. Even on a girls weekend, we still had family on the brain. :)

Cindy's studio was amazing!!!

Our time with Cindy was seriously the highlight of the trip. I came back feeling recharged and ready to enjoy my beautiful life again.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Nashville 2012 - The Music

I have to break up our Nashville trip.... I am still digesting it all. One of the first things that stood out to me in Nashville is the music. One of our first outings was to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

It was amazing to see and I realized that I liked country music more than I thought.

The other the thing that was going on this weekend was the Southern Ground Music Festival. We bought tickets for Friday night was were able to see The Zac Brown Band, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, Alan Jackson, Amos Lee and Greg Allman.


The concert was was perfect and the whole show was just amazing.

We joked all weekend about how friendly people in Nashville are. Even the scalpers were friendly when we bought our tickets.

We were also able to just walk around and hear music in local bars. Everywhere you went there was music...everywhere. Bars, hotel, street corners. Everywhere. This video is from Tootsie's on Broadway. The girl singing is 16 years old!! Amazing:)

Music was a huge part of our girls weekend. It was everywhere and part of Nashville's core. I can understand the appeal. I loved it!!





Our trifecta was not complete this year. Her Miranda and Charlotte missed her dearly:( However, I was able to get away and ~really~ check out. I fee recharged and ready to go back to my beautiful life.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I'm on my way to my annual girls weekend. I get a break. I must have said that on the phone to someone because yesterday Thomas said, 'Mama, do you need a break from us?'.

'Of course not, Bub.'

That is what I said back to him. I love taking care of my kiddos. I love taking care of my husband, my house...our life. I love it! But I do need a break. Not very often but still a break.

I will only think of myself for a couple days. Maybe I will skip lunch or eat dinner late or drink before noon. I get to hang with two wonderful women and laugh and laugh. I get a break.

And when I return I will be that much more appreciative of my beautiful life.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sweet Baby Visits

James is so in love with sweet baby Joss. He seriously thinks she is 'his' baby. My kiddos swarm her and she just takes it all in...flashing a sweet smile every once in awhile.

I mean, it ~almost~ makes me want one more:)

Seriously, look at these cuties:) Can you stand it?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Universal Studios

We recently used up our last Universal tickets. We went a bit late knowing we would stay a bit later. Tony was able to take the twins on some big roller coasters while I spent some time with James on some of the smaller rides.

James at Barney's playground.

Mesmerized at the Barney show.

No problem!

Our sweet boys:)

Stella with her Nickelodeon Hotel tie die!


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