Friday, December 14, 2012

Crazy Christmas Lights

I keep thinking of all the thought that goes into just one morning...

What's the weather going to be like? Are the kids dressed warmly enough? Does their cereal have too much sugar? Did each of them eat breakfast? Did they get enough sleep? Do I have enough fruit and veggies packed in their lunches? Did they do their homework? Am I forgetting anything?

Then you drop them off at school and there is a certain amount of security you feel...knowing they are heading off to a teacher that is there to teach them; surrounded by friends. Your biggest worry is if they will do okay on their spelling test.

Today every parent realized what a false sense of security that it. Their worst nightmare played out in a quaint town. The unimaginable happened.

Tony and I talked to the twins about what happened. Answered questions as best we could and reassured them. I know they will continue to ask questions and I hope we can find a way as a family to do something for the families that lost a loved one today. The twins never cease to amaze me. We were sitting at dinner and a teacher from the school in Connecticut was on the news explaining how she had piled her class into a small bathroom and waited. Thomas listened and then said, "That teacher is like the captain on the Titanic. She stayed with her ship."

We knew we wanted to take their mind off of the news and celebrate the season. We decided to do one of our favorite Christmas traditions. Every year, we get hot chocolate and drive to see the crazy Christmas lights. It was a simple, fun night:)


I know I will be hugging these three tightly tonight.

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