Friday, November 18, 2011

Reindeer Romp

I am trying not to think about Christmas until we first enjoy Thanksgiving. But, when a friend asked us to go to this Reindeer Romp, we had to go!

James is on Tony's shoulders in the background!

Thomas and Stella seem a little 'skeptical' about Santa this year. I know kids at school have begun to talk. They both aren't asking too many questions and are still willing to play along for James' sake;)

I love how James is keeping his eye on Santa.

The first place tree!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am still a bit lost with what to do with James' sleeping habits. It seems as though it falls into a toddler anxiety category. He also appears to be having nightmares or at least some real fears at night. So for now, what works best for our family is to have James sleep in our bed.

It is not perfect. But, I am not as frustrated with him when I was trying to get him in his crib. He falls asleep and then if he wakes, it takes a minute to soothe him, as compared to a lot longer if he was in his crib. I really did not like feeling so 'at odds' with James every. single. night.

I have decided to change my perspective on the whole situation. At night, James holds my finger when he sleeps. He rolls on his side and rubs my arm. I hear "I yub you mama" multiple times each night.

It's not the best solution, and it certainly takes it toll on us sometimes. But for now, James is in our bed, sleeping with his mama. And that makes him very happy.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Writing Sample

A couple weeks ago, I had parent/teacher conferences for the twins. Second grade has been so smooth and uneventfully, I knew the conference would be pretty easy. Both teachers has great things to say about Thomas and Stella. Stella's teacher really 'gets' her and she had a piece of her writing she wanted to share with me.

I love how the servant is going to do her homework!?

Is does not surprise me at all that she begin to campaign for more wishes....


And bam....she brings it home:

~sniff, sniff~

She gets it.


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