Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I was looking at some more of these fuzzy old pictures. This is my Grandfather. He died when I was very young. His name was Thomas, just like my son's.

I love these pictures because my grandpa looks so comfortable with me. He seems so natural holding me. I have heard so many stories from my mom about him and how he just adored me; these pictures reinforce that for me.

My mom still tells me stories and answers all the questions I have about him. He can feel like such a mystery to me. I am so happy to have these memories captured in pictures.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Organization Update

I have been sticking to my organization schedule. I have finished our family room and almost done with the kitchen. I can not believe that I did not take any 'before' picture but here are some 'after' shots.

These shelves were messy and cluttered. I only wanted to have things that I loved on those shelves: pictures, kids art, etc.

The kitchen was a much bigger project. I wanted to reorganize all the cupboards so I came up with a plan.

The island was so cluttered....now nice and clean;)

This is the 'before' picture I really wish I had. You could not even see this counter...it was just filled with junk. Now.....ahhhhh, nice and clean;)

To be continued....


This past week marks the one year anniversary of my grandmothers passing.

I mentioned the date to Tony and we spent some time remembering my Gram Audrey. When the twins were born, my mom and my gram both came and stayed with us. We lived in an itty bitty house and there was a bed in the nursery (with two cribs!). Tony and I would stay up and do the late night feedings and my mom and gram would wake and do the early morning feedings. My dad drove down from New York a week after the twins were born and he remarked we all looked like walking zombies! All of us were so sleep deprived. When I think back to that time, I remember how much the twins were loved! Someone always had a baby, rocking, feeding, snuggling, changing a diaper. I can picture my gram sitting on my front porch rocking her namesake, Stella Audrey, looking at the tree tops and the early morning sunshine. My mom and gram cooked, cleaned and basically allowed Tony and I to try to figure out how to manage TWO babies (yeah, not sure if we have that figured out now;).

I miss my gram so much some days.

I miss our shopping trip with me and my mom, my cousin Jen and Aunt Terry and Gram. The five of us would shop, go to lunch and take trips. I have so many memories of the five of us having fun together. My gram’s last couple of years drove a wedge between her two daughters. Time has passed and life goes on and all of a sudden I am watching my children with their grandmother. I am so grateful for that time with my gram and I hope I can live an equally full life filled with grandbabies to rock and memories to be made.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ten Weeks to an Organized Home

I have seriously neglected my house for some time now. Really, it has probably been over a year since I have de-cluttered and organized. Well I am putting an end to the disorganization and I am beginning a new summer program: Ten Weeks to an Organized Home.

You see, there are ten weeks until the kids go back to school. By that time, I want my home to be functional, organized and de-cluttered.

I have identified ten spots in my home:
1. Family room
2. Kitchen
3. Dining room/Living room
4. James’ room
5. Thomas’ room
6. Stella’s room
7. Master bedroom
8. All closets: two linen closets and the pantry
9. Garage
10. Backyard

I am in the middle of week one. I have rearranged all the furniture in the living room, taken THREE garbage bags of junk toys out and sorted the remaining toys in to two small bins. All of the items associated with the Wii are in one bin and the large dinosaurs are in the other. All of the movies have been matched up and every movie has a home. I only have things (pictures, plates, etc) that I love. I even found a cute bin to hold all the remotes. We have two end tables and the drawers have been emptied and sorted. The room is so functional and organized!! I plan on taking some before and after pictures for each week.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thrift Finds

Here are two of my recent thift finds:

This will serve to hold the remotes in my living room. I am on a massive organizational kick at my house and everything WILL have a place.

And this dish...just love it. I have some blue and white pieces from my grandma Audrey. This dish reminds me so much of her;)


James has been loving my Nook Color lately. After his bath, he loves to sit and use the drawing app or the animal app. So cute:)



Monday, June 6, 2011

Notes from my Bunny

My bunny has always loved to write.

When she was a toddler, I would find her attempts of notes and lists.

(L) Tony's list for Publix (R) Stella's "list"

As her writing has improved so have her notes. Sometimes I will get notes like the one below, asking me to join her for lunch at school.

We get to read the writing she does at school.

Stella loves to write to her friends. Gabrielle is her BFF and she ~really~ wants to be in the same second grade class with her.

Sometimes, I get notes on my pillow. Sweet;) My bunny:)

Sometimes I get informative notes left on the top of the stairs. I am so glad she points out "I will not be in my bed". I can envision a note like this when she is sneaking out of the house at 16. :)

And some notes...well, some notes I just can not explain.


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