Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pictures are Up!

Erin finished the rest of our pictures and she has this super cute slide show on her blog!! They turned out...AMAZING:)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sprinkler Park

Today we took the kiddos to the sprinkler park so they could burn off some energy. It was James' first time and we were unsure how he would like it. I will say, in the bath James will open his mouth and dunk his face into the I guess it is safe to say that he likes water.

Check out our brave water baby walking around the splash pad:


Such a fun day!

Beautiful Pictures

We were so lucky to have the kids pictures taken by my BFF Erin Miller again. She gave me a sneak peak after much begging on my part:) Brace yourself because these pictures are may have to sit down so you can soak in the cuteness of my kiddos!!

Here is my supermodel Stella. Doesn't this picture look like it is from a magazine....her eyes! The wind in her hair! That angelic look! I am not sure how Erin makes my adorable kiddos look even more adorable. :)

My sweet Thomas....I love, love, love this smile he has. So sweet!! Erin captured Thomas' look so perfectly!

And my little Republican with his comb over and polo shirt. Doesn't he look ready for the Senate floor? Can you get over James' eyes?? Look out ladies!

I could stare at these pictures of my kiddos all day long!! Erin did such an amazing job and you should see the pictures she has taken of her kiddos...amazing!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big Boy!

Our nanny sent these pictures to me...look at my big boy sitting at the table!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Last Recruit

Yay!! I am sooooooo happy that Sun and Jin are reunited! And, Sun found her voice....pretty significant that she found her voice after finding Jin. Awww!

Also, we had another ANSWER! Crazy!

questions: Has Smokie occupied other bodies?

answer: Yes, he took Christian's body when the plane crashed.

Wow! Our second week in a row with an answer!!

What stuck me the most about this weeks episode was the gathering of the survivor's, both on and off the island. On the island we have everyone but Jack going to Whitmore's camp...everyone including Sun and Jin (Yay!!!!)!! Then off the island we have Jack, Sun, Jin, Locke, Claire, Kate and Sawyer's lives all intersecting.

I loved the Jack/Sawyer scene when Jack jumped off the boat. I have felt disappointed that Jack was letting others do all the leading and it was about time that he started listening to his gut again!

Lastly, Sayid didn't kill Desmond...right?? Right??


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Farm Party

Today the twins celebrated their birthday at Green Meadows Farm. We have been there before and the twins love, love, love it. They had their hearts set on having a party there.

I will say, the farm overbooked my original party day and when they called to switch the date, the manager ended up hanging up on me not once...but twice. It is a testament to how much the twins wanted to have their party there because the customer service was HORRIBLE!!

However, once we got there today our tour guide was friendly and all the kids were so excited. We had to start with the milking of the cows....which FREAKS Thomas out but he did it:)

Even Gigi did it!!

We milked a cow, held a baby chick and duck, fed the sheep and goats and saw so many more farm animals. The kids were ready for lunch and cake of course!

It was James' first time at the farm and he loved it too!


It was a perfect day with family and friends. I know Stella and Thomas will remember this day!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday!

We started here...

And now we are here...

Happy Birthday to the children who made me a mama and have brought me more joy than I ever knew existed!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

6 mos:

10 mos:

13 mos:

Everybody loves Hugo

I think I needed a day to process last night's episode of LOST. We saw Hugo's flash sideways story...But wait one second! Before we get to that...WE WERE GIVEN AN ANSWER. answer!

Question: What exactly are the whispers that you hear on the island?

Answer: The whispers were the voices of all the souls trapped on the island because of the actions they committed there while alive

An answer!!

Ok, so we have Hurley in his off island life who seems to have it all...except someone to share it with. Enter Libby...awwww! So happy to see them together again. And they get to have the 'date they never had'. Last week, Desmond and Daniel were the first characters to regain their memories; now more characters are starting to regain their memory. Hugo and Libby are joining the elite crowd of those who are starting to remember their lives on the island.

Then we have Desmond who is on a mission to have the rest of the island survivors remember their life on the island. However...this is a point of confusion for me. Did Desmond run over Locke so that he can remember his life on the island? Or did Desmond run over Locke because Locke is the Smoke Monster on the island? Did the hit and run have something to do with Locke throwing him down the well? Ahhhh...confusion!

And in true LOST fashion, we are given one answer but more questions are raised. For example:

Why is Michael telling Hurley not to blow up the plane?
Why did Jacob say that Richard had all the answers but Richard seems to be panicking?
Why did Hurley decide to go to Locke/Smoke Monster?
Who is that damn boy following Locke/Smoke Monster everywhere?
Why is Desmond not scared of Locke/Smoke Monster?
Why did Locke/Smoke Monster throw Desmond down the well?


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beach Day!

We have had a really rough couple of weeks around here. We had two rounds of yucky sickness, I have been overwhelmed with work stuff and the whole family dynamic has been feeling 'off'.

This past week, things began to look up. So this morning, when Tony suggested we go to the beach for a couple hours, I was up for it.

It was James' first time, so he was a bit apprehensive.

But Stella and Thomas quickly showed James the proper way to run and have fun at the beach!

And then he let go and walked around for a bit.

It was such a fun morning!!

On the way home with a baby fussing, a question asking five year old boy and a non-stop singing girl...Tony looked over at me, took my hand and smiled.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Shoes

James has his first pair of kicks! He doesn't love to wear them yet but it may take him a couple time to get used to having shoes on!!


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