Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Package

I am so happy that Sun and Jin's story got some attention tonight. The episodes title refers to the package that Jin had to deliver for Sun's father and also the package that Charles Whitmore has brought to the island.

Can Sun and Jin please find each other?? Please?? Somehow I think we are really going to have to wait for that one. I think their meeting will coincide with Team Jacob and Team Smokie.

We know Flocke needs all the candidates to leave the island with him. Imagine how mad he must be when Jin goes missing! (I love when Sawyer asks him why he can't turn into smoke and fly his ass over there...great line!) Charles Whitmore appears to be pretty invested in stopping Flocke/smoke monster. We even get to find out that the person he has is....DESMOND. Now, Desmond is immune to time travel and is somehow 'uniquely special'. Does that mean that somehow he can defeat Flocke/smoke monster?? I certainly hope so.

I also thought Jack was settling in very nicely to the role of Jacob. I mean...it has to be him, right? He has to be Jacob's replacement, right?

“A wise man once said that war was coming to this island. I think it just got here.”

I think this war is going to be a rough one but I can not wait to watch!

Define 'Trouble'

Me: Goodnight Bunny

Stella: Goodnight Mama

Promptly hops out of bed and over to her radio.

Me: Stella, I need you to go right to bed tonight. The baby does not feel good and I do not want anyone to wake him up.

I start wagging the mom finger for effect right about here.

Me: I mean it. If I hear you making noise, I will come back upstairs and you will be in trouble.

Stella: Define trouble...

Sunday, March 28, 2010


We had a wonderful party for James with our family and friends there. James loved his car cake!


He was so cute when we gave him his smash cake. He leaned in and bit it without any hands!


And he was so impressed that he could make the whole room clap with him:)



All of these pictures were taken my very good friend Erin Miller..I did not take one picture the whole night!! Thank you for taking some:)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Twelve Months

Happy first Birthday to my Jo Jo Monkey Butt!


James, you have brought our family so much joy this past year! You are silly and nosey and smart! You are also so beautiful...your skin, your blue eyes, your lips....I could just eat you up!! But, if I had to pick one word to describe you, it would be content. You were happy from day one!

You now get so insulted when I try to feed you anything from a spoon. How dare I?? You want to do it yourself! You dance and dance and dance...and you love hip hop music:) You still obsess over the cats and dogs. Now you howl or 'sing' like Blu does.

So how has it been having three kids?











The one thing that has been solidified in the past year is our family is adaptable. We had some MAJOR changes: we moved, the twins went into separate bedrooms after five years together, they started kindergarten.

Oh and I had a baby.

But with every big change, with all the transitions, our family has flowed and allowed the changes to happen. Stella crawls up on Tony's lap, James picks up cars and hands them to Thomas, Thomas asks me to read a book, James dances on his wobbly legs while Tony plays the keyboard, I braid Stella's hair while Thomas packs snacks for the day, Stella and Thomas race around and play hide and seek, James lays his head on my shoulder before bedtime. All the commotion, all the chaos that has come with the past year...has just brought our family closer.

Happy Birthday James:)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

'Ab Aeterno'

'Ab Aeterno' or 'since the beginning of time' was tonight's episode of LOST. We see the beginning story of Richard, the man who never ages.

I have to say that tonight's episode felt, well...simple. Did I really just type that about a LOST episode??

We have the man in black and Jacob sitting on an island 'since the beginning of time'. The man in black REALLY wants to get off the island but he can not do so unless Jacob is dead. Jacob, who 'has a thing for numbers (Ha!), brings people to the island via shipwreck or plane crash. The man in black believes he can corrupt these people because it is in everyones nature to do so and Jacob disagrees.

The man in black is also the smoke monster. Did I miss this...but why didn't he stay in the man in blacks body? Why did he jump into Locke's body?

I remember reading somewhere that the fact that some on the island had their 'constant' was going to play a pretty big role. Is that why the smoke monster could not/did not kill Richard when he crashed onto the island? Because Isabella was his constant?

It appears as though Flocke is trying to get off the island and team Jacob needs to stop that from happening. I can not wait for next week!

Friday, March 19, 2010


The kids were baptized two years ago and I never knew our great friend Doug had it on video. Thank you Doug for sharing it:-)

Uh Oh

I just love this picture. I am still limited to only pictures from my phone so it is not great quality but James just looks so small and yet like such a big boy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hellllooooooo Sawyer! This episode was all about James:) I am not completely sold on each week being a flash sideways for someone. Although, it does bring me back to the first season when we were learning each survivors back stories and how they were all connected. I guess because I know there are only 8 episodes left, I want them to be worth it.

Ok, so we have Sawyer playing both sides of the fence both on the island and off. Off the island, Sawyer is quite the player! He is a cop?? Really?? I did not believe it at first! However he is still hunting down the man who caused his father to kill his mother and then himself.

On the island, Sawyer also plays both sides of the fence. He tells Widmore he will help him kill Flocke and tells Flocke he will help him with Widmore. Does he reveal his true plan to Kate...to let them fight it out and steal the sub?

Kate has one crazy Claire after her! First there is some innocent hand holding and then some knife to the throat action. Wow! Was it just me or when Claire came to hug Kate after their fight, she appeared normal...could that be? Do people with the sickness still have free will?

I also liked Flocke sitting with Kate on the island and talking about his 'mommy issues'. Is that true? Was he a real person before he turned into Smokie? I hope that next weeks episode about Richard answers more questions!

Oh and when Zoe (??) found Sawyer on Hydra Island, was I the only one that thought it was Tina Fey?? Soooo confused for a minute!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Sun Came Out

What a beautiful weekend we had! The sun is out and it was just gorgeous! We had all the windows in the house open and the kids just drifted in and out, in and out, in and out. We did laundry, work, trips to Publix and Walmart, kite flying, cooking and out to dinner.

Grandmas Stella came over and everyone checked out our community garage sale. Found: cute sunglasses for Stella, bags of sea shells for Thomas and some other goodies:)

James loved watching the cars of people driving in our community. I tried to catch a picture of Thomas but he was too fast on his bike! He still loves his cool bike. James wanted to ride a bike too and therefore he decided to pout.

On Saturday night, Tony and I watched 2012...about the end of the world. I couldn't help but think...what if we knew there was going to be complete devastation and we only had a couple hours. I think I would spend those hours exactly like we did this weekend (minus the trip to Walmart...ugh!).

This weekend was filled with mundane but sweet moments.

Just our family being together.

let it go,
let it roll right off your shoulder
don't you know
the hardest part is over
let it in,
let your clarity define you
in the end
we will only just remember how it feels

our lives are
in these small hours
these little wonders,
these twists &
turns of fate
time falls away,
but these small hours,
these small
hours still remain

let it slide,
let your troubles fall behind you
let it shine
until you feel it all around you
and i don't mind
if it's me you need to turn to
we?ll get by,
it's the heart that
really matters in the end

our lives are made
in these small hours
these little wonders,
these twists & turns of fate
time falls
but these small hours,
these small hours still remain

~Rob Thomas "Little Wonders"

Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday Plans

How in the world am I planning this little boys FIRST birthday party??

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dr. Linus

I was back on board for tonight's episode of LOST. It focused mostly on Ben Linus. We see his flash sideways life in which he is faced with a choice; a choice in which he gains powers and hurts Alex or sacrifices and helps Alex. This choice is exactly like the one he had to make on the island. However, on the island he watches Alex get shot and off the island he helps her. So Ben is a good guy? Is the flash sideways life almost like a 'do over'?

Richard was also an interested story this week. He is so disillusioned and feels like his life had no purpose that he wants Jack to kill him. And then we see this new Jack, with such purpose, arise.

I really thought Aaron was the one coming to the island and not Charles Whitmore! I thought Ben moved the island so Charles Whitmore could not find it??

This is the one thought that has been bugging me about this season?

Do all the other seasons matter?

I feel like there has been so much discussion about the numbers, time travel, new characters, etc and this season it appears to be a nice/neat war between good (team Jacob) and evil (team Smokie).

Is this really what it comes down too?

Just for Laughs

Monday, March 8, 2010

Christmas in March?

When will it not be ok to dress my children in their matching Christmas pajamas?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not Me!

Did anyone give James some of their fudge pop?

Not me!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Stella's Solo

Here is some video from the twins school musical last week (thanks Grandpa Kerry!). Stella is in the bottom row third from the right and Thomas is in the top row seventh from the right.

FYI: Stella's 'boyfriend' may or may not be three kids over from her in a black leather jacket with black hair. She says "He looks hot"! OMG...please someone sedate me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cappy's Visit

My Dad was down visiting last week and the kids enjoyed seeing their "Cappy" so much!

We all went to lunch, Cappy was able to check out the twins school and we basically just enjoyed each others company.

We did try to get some pictures of all three kiddos with Cappy and you can imagine how that went.

Yeah, well...there is always next time:-)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is what I heard of LOST tonight....blah, blah...Stella throwing up. Blah, blah....thomas throwing up. Blah, blah...me doing more laundry.

Yep the stomach bug has hit us hard:(


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