Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten Months

My sweet baby James is 10 months old today. He is shedding his baby skin and I begin to see signs of toddlerhood.

He is not the same little boy that he once was...his personality is jumping out! He still is sweet and happy but now I would also describe him as determined, willful and wild:-) He is biting everything in site! Thomas plays with James and James will lean in for a big bite. Thomas squeals with joy as he dodges his teeth and somehow it turns into a big game.

James' first word was Dada and then came Nana. Now he is saying Mama and Bubba too. He also says 'car' and loves to eat Thomas' matchbox cars. He still loves the cats and dogs and they are so tolerant of his pulls and pats.

James can exhaust me in certain ways but then he lays his head on my shoulder and I remember...I remember how much I am enjoying my last baby.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Loyal Shadow

Blu is one of my two dogs. He is part lab and part boxer and he probably weighs 90 lbs. He is not a small dog.
Blu lays at the side of my bed. I wake up and shuffle into the shower. He moves into the bathroom with me and waits until I am awake enough to say good morning. I move into James' room to see my smiley baby. Blu follows and waits patiently until the baby has a clean diaper. We all head downstairs. Would someone let the dogs out? I say distracted by the breakfasts I have started to prepare. Blu doesn't mind that he is an afterthought. He slides under the table and waits for James to drop cereal or bananas. As I direct the twins through their morning routines, Blu is at my side...just looking for a little love.
My alarms goes off and I step out of bed. Correction...step on to Blu. I shuffle off to the shower and Blu stubbornly follows. He will not allow me even ten minutes to myself. As I get the kiddos up, Blu is at my heals. I start breakfast and I am tripping over Blu. I turn to pack lunches and trip over Blu. There is commotion in the morning and Blu is following my every move. I put the baby in his jumper and step into the bathroom. I need 10 seconds to myself. Blu pushes the door open with his nose. I get the baby and lay on the floor to play for a bit. Blu is right beside me. As someone who has three people who rely heavily on me, the weight of anothers stare can push me over.
I realize it is all a matter of perspective. My loyal Blu. He drives me crazy and I still love him. He is curled at my side as a type and will stay up with me until the kitchen is clean. My loyal shadow.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Child Proofing

I am in a really bad mom place...and for no good reason.

The kids are great. Stella and Thomas are doing great in school and for the most part are really well behaved. James is a little joy monkey who has the best temperament on the planet.

And yet...I am in a bad mom place.

The nonsense begins at dinner. I could place chocolate covered brownies covered with chocolate sprinkles in front of Thomas and I would hear, " I don't like chocolate covered brownies covered with chocolate sprinkles any more!!!!" I sit down and someone needs more milk. I try to take a bite and James wants the spoon...faster, faster mama!

Then...clear your plates, clean up the front room, shoes in the shoe bin, socks in the laundry I mean it...clear your plates please! Focus please...pick your shoes up.

James has learned to really splash in the tub. So I hold a towel up in front of me...because maybe I do not want to take a bath yet. I have to wrestle him to get his pjs on. He. Can't. Hold. Still. Not. For. One. More. Second! Because no one ate the chocolate covered brownies covered with chocolate sprinkles, everyone wants another meal right before bed.

All three are tucked in and I go down to finish the kitchen. Footsteps and it is Stella. I know we have a couple more trips down before her mind will allow her to relax. Trust me, I should be used to this by now.

Anywhere I go in the house, I travel with a baby monitor. Even now as I type, I listen. I find myself thinking back to when I had my own apartment and everything was so organized. I feel like I am constantly tackling clutter and then...why?? is there still clutter? Where do all these toys come from?

A friend of mine was venting about her sons nighttime routine and she said, I don't know how you do it with three. Maybe it is a lot. Maybe it is more than I realize and I am just feeling burnt out.

I do know that I feel better just writing about it:-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

Ice in Florida??

The twins were bundled up in their new warm coats courtesy of Grandma Stella and Grandpa Kerry!

Bring back the sun!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I catch a glimpse of James and he looks like a little boy. He is not a newborn anymore; really, I will be planning his one year birthday party before I know it.The time has flown by and I can not help but watch how each of my children interact with each other.

Thomas and James play like such brothers. They wrestle and play cars all the while, Thomas is not too rough with James. James tries to kiss Thomas and ends up biting his forehead.

Then it dawns on me...I am the mother of two boys. Maybe I am finally getting my footing and have time to reflect but that fact sinks in. My boys will grow up to be two young men. Anyone who has a son understands that the love a mother has for a son is so sweet. Without sounding creepy, it is romantic. My boys capture my heart and make me proud to be their mother.

But then something else happens. Stella is singled out. She is my only girl. I am my mother's only girl and I have my only girl. She is my princess, horse loving, animal rescuing, mustard eating, sequence wearing little bunny. My special girl. My only girl.

How did I ever get so lucky?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Moment in Time

I use this blog to record memories because at this point, I do not remember anything. I go back and look at last years Christmas pictures. Was last year the year we went to the magic show for Tony's birthday or was that the year before? So here is where we are with the kids:

My eldest, my wild child
favorite color varies from purple to pink to lime green or even turquoise
loves her cats
very advanced with reading and writing
is growing her hair long
loves princesses, horses and baby animals
wants to be a vet or a hairdresser when she is older
will not eat breakfast
could survive on condiments alone
loves school
longs for a sister
is one of the most compassionate little girls I know
my soul
loves order and routine
gets up at the crack of dawn
eats three solid meals a day and always wants a snack
very athletic
logical and enjoys science
loves planets, bugs and dinosaurs
such a good big brother
always help me out...he is my 'responsible boy'
can get so silly which is new for him
booty shakes with the best of them
my heart
the baby
only wants to stand up
eats anything that is put in front of him
had four teeth
gives me this 'look' when I say 'no'
throws his back and laughs from the belly
loves his bottle and his crib
very curious about the cats and dogs and their tails
my joy


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