Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I love, love the Desmond and Penny story and was so happy to see them have a baby...although....really? ~push~ ~push~ and then Penny delivers a baby? (Awwww....Charlie!)

Desmond is traveling to Oxford to find Daniel Faraday's mother. I hope we find out if the creepy white haired lady at the end of the last show is Daniel's mom. And, you know that once Desmond said, "Why would I ever want to go back to the island?"....he is sooo going back to the island.

Once Desmond gets to the Oxford, he does not find any record of any Faraday. He visits the lab and begins to poke around. Who was in the picture with Daniel? Was that the new chick on the island? Who is Teresa? Teresa is "jumping" minute she is 3 yrs old, the next she is talking to her dead father? The new girl on the island with blond hair...her name was Ellie. Daniel's mother's name is Eloise. Any chance that is young Mama Faraday?

I was so upset when Desmond went to see Charles Whitmore. I do not want that man to mess up Desmond and Penny's relationship. I think Mr. Whitmore is bad news! It is so hard to determine who is good vs. bad on this show!

Now, why is Daniel so concerned about Charlotte. He obviously knows what is happening to her. I do not think for one second that Daniel loves Charlotte but she needs to believe that to stay alive. Daniel is trying to be Charlotte's 'constant'.

Richard, the man who never ages, is with a camp full of Others who have been attacked by an American army. They speak Latin?? What year is it?? My mind is spinning? John calls The Others, 'his people'? I love how John just marches in to talk to Richard. Now this is making me crazy...Richard tells John that they begin the selection process to pick their leader at a very young age and John tells him his birth date and invites him to come visit. Was John asked to become the leader of The Others because he actually sets himself up for that? Follow me?

Then, the bomb!!!

Did you say your name was Whitmore?

Charles Whitmore?

Yes, whats it to you??

Oh. My. Goodness!! It is moments like this that keep me watching the show:-)

There is a great summary here. Trust me, I need all the help I can get!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monster Truck Show

Tony took Thomas to a Monster Truck show last night. He is still talking about it today.

Don't you love the earplugs:-)

They left at four and did not get home until eleven o'clock!! That is the latest Thomas has ever stayed out!! I could not imagine what they did for that long, but there was lots of this stuff:

But also some of this:

And plenty of this:

Thomas even had his picture taken with Russ Rollins from The Monsters in the Morning. He is a big fan:-)

I think the boys had a great time!!

Football Star

Thomas had his first football game yesterday. He scored three touchdowns!! I wasn't able to see because Gigi and I were with Stella at dance but Papa and Tony took lots of video and pictures:-)

Check out #6!!

One more action shot of Thomas.

Here is some video of Thomas' first touchdown!

And his second touchdown:

And afterwards...good game!

Gooooo Knights!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Because You Left

How much did you love that recap show?? I watched with my friend Lynn and we agreed it was the best recap show they have done so far. I loved how the co-creators provided insight on each character!

Then season five begins and we are being told this story in a very imaginative way. There is a great recap here! The time travel is enough to make my head spin. I love listening to Daniel Faraday explain it to Sawyer...that is how I need it broken down for me!! So basically the people on the island are stuck in this 'time loop' where they flash between the future and the past. I also love how this season opened in a very similar way as season two opened...with Desmond putting on the record on his turntable. I always enjoy the attention to detail:-)

John Locke is with The Others when the time travel begins. But where do the others go? I was so confused when Locke saw the plane crash. Didn't he dream that in season one?? Which account is correct...did he see it or dream it? Also....Richard, the man who never ages, gives Locke a compass....isn't that one of the items that he brought when he visits Locke as a child? Again...attention to detail...enough to make me crazy.

We see how Ben is trying to gather up the Oceanic Six to return to the island. Don't you think he is manipulating each and every one of them?? I think Ben is behind the lawyers visiting Kate and causing her to run. I think Ben knows what will lead each one of them back to the island.

We also find out that Desmond is somehow immune to the time travel or 'uniquely special'. I need to go read some message boards because I think Desmond and the lady at the end of the episode are somehow linked but I can not remember how. I just read this on who that woman was: Ms. Hawking! Now after Daniel's mention of his mother earlier tonight, it seems an awfully safe bet that she is the Faraday matron. However, Daniel said his mother was in Oxford. How did Ben get from LA to Oxford? If so, he has a way to travel there pretty fast (it was the same night that Hurley surrendered), which would lead to something many have speculated about - could there be DHARMA stations all over the planet? Regardless, Hawking is still my guess for the mother. Why else would she share so many of the same "interests" as Daniel? (source)

Also, Daniel Faraday and Desmond are connected too. Wasn't Desmond his "constant"? I have to go back and read my own blog:-)

Also, did Sun give you chills when she opened the door and said "Hello Kate"....oooo, something is creepy about her.

I had to laugh when Hurley was explaining to his mom what really happened on the island. Listening to someone try and explain the show just made me laugh.

So here are my questions:

1. Who is the lady with the white hair at the end?
2. Is John Locke dead?
3. I still am very curious...what happened to Claire?
4. Remind me what is with the nose bleeds? Why isn't Daniel helping Charlotte?
5. Who attacked them on the island?

I think this season is off to a great start! There is great LOST discussion going on at Rocks in my Dryer!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I needed to get the camera quickly! Stella and Thomas were within an inch of each other and they were not fighting!!

Don't you think they will love pictures like this when they are in high school??


Monday, January 19, 2009


We are getting there...Tony was hard at work painting this weekend. He finished the master bedroom:

Thomas' room:

James' room....yes, we are getting closer to committing to a name:

and finally, Stella's room:

Stella sat in the doorway, hugging her knees, watching her daddy paint her 'princess room'. She could not be happier!

I also found material for the nursery. I have been trying to decide if the blues match:

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sleepy Monkey

I know I have written before about Stella's trouble falling asleep. She must empty her head at night and when she takes a nap. On the other end of it, we get such a sleepy monkey when she must wake up. Take a look:

I love how she has Baboo on her head:-)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New House

We officially have a place to live. We have a house and it is so pretty. And by pretty, I mean big. I love our house that we live in now. I brought our babies home here. It is perfect; set up in the trees it has always felt so peaceful. It is small....very small. We have managed and have found some real advantages to living in a small house. For example, you can not ignore each other in a small house. Issues have to be dealt with. But I think we are all ready for some space...some room to run around. So think of us over the next two weeks...moving is not my favorite thing to do:-)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to life, Back to reality

Well, I had my first trip to triage the other day. My blood pressure was high and my doctor send me to the hospital to run some tests. Everything is normal and the baby is doing great (we even have some great new ultrasound pictures) but I will say....reality has set in. Over the next two weeks, we are moving. As I sat in the waiting room.....for six hours....I kept thinking, the baby's room is not ready, I don't have a receiving blanket, I need to buy a bassinet...I mean, we do not even have a name....have you voted?. It felt very....real. This is going to be a true challenge; moving into a new house, seven months pregnant and still 'resting'. I am using the term 'resting' loosely because I am not sure how a doctor can ask a working mother of four year old twins to rest. I am up for the challenge and I am so lucky that I have such wonderful friends and family checking in and asking how they can help.

Last week Stella and I were able to attend a sneak preview of Hotel for Dogs. We went to the mall movie theater and ate salads at Chick-Fil-A. We sat there, just the two of us and she talked about school and Christmas and who she was going to marry (still Thomas, phew!). Having another boy has made my relationship with Stella even more special. We are going to be the girls in a house of boys. Sweet! Stella loved, loved, loved the movie. It amazes me that she can sit and watch a movie and laugh at the appropriate parts. Such a big girl!

The boys were content at home playing with Ultimate Stunt World!!

Our porch has been taken over!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Things Kids Say

Me: "Thomas turn the volume down, it is too loud and will effect your hearing. "

Thomas: "But I don't have an earring. "


Me reading a Barbie book: "Barbie likes to spin and leap."

Stella: "No mommy, she is doing a grand jeté. A leap is smaller."

Ummmm, she is four!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We've Got A Mission

This video has to be at least three years old. The twins are singing "We've got a mission" from Little Einsteins!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Say Cheese!

I was just going through some old videos and found this one....

Say Cheese!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


How many days until January 21st??

I need to go back and reread my episode summaries because it has been way too long. I hope they do another"recap" show!!


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