Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Resemblance?

It is 3 am in a dark bathroom...

Dora bath toy:

Scary girl from The Ring:

Yes, no? What to you think?

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beach Bums

We took a trip to Playa Linda this weekend. It has been so hot here and the weather at the beach was and sunny, yet breezy and cool.

Thomas brought his dump truck and he had so much fun.

Stella had fun jumping with the waves.

Even Tony got in the water:

KIDDING!! That is not my husband! However, that is a real picture. That man wore that speedo out on public!!! about some more nice pictures of the kids and no more pictures of men's butt cracks!

I love to take pictures of the kids by the water:

And see, today we didn't have any bathing suit issues like before:-)

We are definitely a family of beach bums.

Friday, July 25, 2008


This is one of my favorite Bible passages. The verse that I am drawn to is:

In vain you rise early
and stay up late,
toiling for food to eat—
for he grants sleep to those he loves.

I have had a really long week and it has not been the best week. It actually sucked. So tonight, after a very long day, I come home and have to get the kid motivated to go with me to Target. Then it is dinner, baths, brushing teeth, brushing hair, cleaning up, etc. The kids want me to play blocks with them. I need to finsh dishes, laundry, the kids room looks like we were robbed, etc.

Back to the verse....I should let some of the housework go and be in the moment with my children. I should play blocks and leave the dishes? I should not stay up late to finish everything that needs to get done? I should play and then go to sleep? I am not sure if I could even do that.

I think this is a tough verse. For me, it is tough to surrounder all the little things that can keep me up at night but may not be of the utmost of importance.

I also tend to worry. Worry about everything. Everything. I know how foolish this is. ...for he grants sleep to those he loves.

So now I sleep.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"They Never Act Like That With Me"

Jennifer from Playgroups are no Place for Children took the words right out of mouth with this post here.

I was on my girls weekend and the kids went to visit their Papa and Gigi.

They were spoiled.

Catered to.


I missed the kids so much. The first 24 hours of our weekend, all we did was talk about our kids. I called them three times a day. I dreamt about them. I could not wait to be around them. Without sounding overly dramatic, it felt unnatural to be away from them for an extended period.

Papa drove them home and the house was back to normal. It was loud, crazy and instantly messy. It felt like our home again.

Then the behaviors started.

This morning at breakfast, Thomas begins....

Mama, I want donuts.

No baby, we are not having donuts from breakfast. Would you like cereal, yogurt or some fruit?

Mama, Papa lets me eat donuts.

Yes, baby. That is because Papa is your Papa and he loves to spoil you.

Mama, what does spoil mean?

Well, it means someone gives you donuts for breakfast.

Mama, (because every single sentence that comes out of their mouth begins with Mama) I want yogurt.

I open yogurt.

No mama, I changed my mind. I want fruit...

You get the picture.

Then at bath time, Stella begins:

Mama, Gigi is going to talk to you about saying, "Calm your little butt down".

Baby, Mama can say that. Who is in charge, Mama or Gigi?


This is going to take awhile.

Wordless Wednesday - Twins Take Over

Taken by Thomas:

Taken by Stella:

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Erin and (Not-So) Baby Sam

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Erin who had her first sip of alcohol last night on her 21st birthday! I love you!!

And....Happy Birthday to Baby Sam who is not a baby at all anymore. Check out some pictures here of the big guy:-)

Welcome to Ladytown!

I am home from my 4th annual girls weekend with Wendy and Tina.

Here we are in 2005:

And again in 2008:

We started our weekend with an all day spa day. We were massaged, buffed, exfoliated and looking good as new. We enjoyed a nice dinner out and went up to our favorite roof top bar.

On Saturday, we were all up at 7am (old habits are hard to break) but we lounged in our gorgeous hotel room until noon!


We talked and laughed and talked and laughed.

Isn't it wonderful to have friends that you can talk about everything from people who shove pink stuffed animals up their vagina to sleep schedules for our kids. Do not ask about the first one there...Wendy really has a true story about that. Welcome to Ladytown!

We (finally) got our lazy butts up and did some shopping and took a scenic carriage ride around the city.

Charleston is such a pretty city!

That night we went to our favorite restaurant, Magnolia's for some shellfish and grits. Yummy!!

We were all dressed up and ready for our dee-lish meal. What could go wrong?

Let be start by saying that Magnolia's is an amazing restaurant. It has a very casual but elegant atmosphere. We sit down to enjoy the experience when I notice something on Wendy's shoulder.

Maybe a piece of lettuce?

Maybe a fly?

This would be the time to tell you that Wendy is deathly afraid of worms. Freakishly afraid. Nothing in the world scares her more than worms.

She looks down, sees the worm that is crawling on her shoulder and screams.

Screams as if she is being stabbed.

Top of your lungs scream.

The restaurant fell silent. Tina and I did what any good friend would do if an entire restaurant was staring at your friend. We laughed. And we did not stop laughing the entire night. Don't worry...the worm situation was resolved and our weekend resumed.

We ended up a very interesting Latin nightclub that night. And Sunday we all headed home.

Wendy and Tina...I miss you already!

I feel so refreshed from this weekend. This ladytown girls weekend did this momma some good.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Girls Weekend

I am off for my annual girls weekend! I have a six hour drive ahead of me and I am not dreading it at all. I love the feeling of being able to stop at a gas station, hop out of the car and grab a diet car seats, no bargaining, just me. I will miss my monkeys but this trip does momma some good!!

I asked Stella to take over some blogging duties. We'll see what she comes up with:-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Tacky Tourist

Exhibit A Wordless Wednesday is not-so-wordless today.

The twins are going to vacation bible school this week. The theme is a theme park theme and everyday they have to dress up: Monday was favorite hat day, etc.

Well, yesterday was "Tacky Tourist" day. The reminder that was sent home said, "wear mismatched prints, socks with sandals, etc".

See exhibit A. This is what I dressed Thomas in for "Tacky Tourist" day. Here is the I was driving up to car circle, I noticed that other kids were not dressed up. I saw a fanny pack here and flip flops there. But...hello...didn't you say mismatched prints???

Thank goodness they are too young to realize that they were the ONLY kids dressed up and feel self conscience:-)

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

We went to Cypress Gardens today with our friends Steve, Jamie and Steve's boys. (Hi Steve!! Hi Jamie!! I had so much fun today!!)

It was so hot. Super hot!

Hot. Hot. Hot.

We started our day by riding this:

I am not sure if Stella ever recovered from it.

We went on so many rides. It was so cute. Steve's sons are older and Thomas loved being around them. It was so sweet to watch them hang out all day.

We were taking a potty break and we ran into Rob McKenzie. Who is Rob McKenzie?? We are not exactly sure but we think he is a pretty big deal.

Yes, that is him behind Tony!!!

We had to check out the butterflies...

...and the animals.

Did I mention how hot it was today?? Well, it was. Hot. And needless to say, the kids were exhausted!!

This is so cute:

It was a great day!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thinking Outside of the Basket

There is something very powerful about having a daughter. Most of the time I can not put into words how I feel about either of my children. I have been thinking about Stella for awhile...let me explain.

She is a complicated girl.

Stella is exceedingly bright. School is and does come very easy to her. With that said, she can get bored very easy. She doesn’t need to spend the time that some other children may need to learn something new. She picks everything up very quickly.

We had my mother in law's car a couple weeks ago and she has an 80’s CD in there. We listened to “Video Killed the Radio Star”. Stella wanted the song put on repeat she loved it so much. After a couple of listens, she sang it. The whole song. She picks things up very quickly.

Stella is also extremely creative. She loves to paint, draw, act and pretend. She is extremely verbal. I think I have written that on a two hour car trip to Tampa, Stella can talk the entire time. I. Am. Not. Kidding. She also has trouble falling asleep at night. I describe it as her need to “empty her head”. She used to make lists, “I like mustard, I do not like cole slaw”. Everything she was thinking while she was lying in bed, she had to say.

When we clean up before naps or in the evening, Stella doesn’t always help. She will lie on the couch and explain (in detail) all the reasons Thomas should clean up and not her. Sometimes she makes a good point.

As her mother, I try to still teach her that there are times when she will have to pay attention for longer than she wants to. However, I can not help but feel like I am exposing a cruel secret to her. Shhhh! Sometimes I have to do things I do not want to! I admire Stella. I love listening to her thoughts. I want Stella to embrace her creativity and individuality because that is what makes her the rock star she is. I also want her to function in school and be able to listen to her parents.

Stella could be described as a wild child. Not in a running around in an uncontrollable way but in an up-for-anything way. Stella would dance in front of a large crowd and she often asks if she can have pink hair. While Thomas has decided that he would like to work at Starbucks when he grows up, Stella still has her heart on becoming a princess or a bird. Whichever.

I guess I am trying to tame my wild child without boxing her in.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4 is the new 16

I had no idea that four years old would come with so much drama! It has been so interesting to watch Thomas and Stella develop into their own personalities. Being twins, people always ask, "Do they get along?", "Are they a lot alike?"

Do they get along? I think so

Are they a lot alike? yes and no

They both have changed so much in the past year but they one thing that their fourth year has in common is drama.

Here are some of my favorites:

Thomas sits in the coveted chair. Please do not assume that the same chair is coveted every day. It changes. I think the first chair that is sat on in the morning is the coveted chair but I am still working on figuring it out.

Stella asks Thomas ever so sweetly to help her with something.

Thomas gets up to help.

Stella runs over and sits in the coveted chair.

Thomas: Stellllllaaaaaaaaa, I waaaaaassssss sitttttiiiinnnggg therrrrreeee.

Stella: Nooooooo Thommmmmaaasssss, it's myyyyy chairrrrrr.

Thomas and Stella simultaneously: Momma, Stella's in my chair Thomas wasn't sitting there I had it first but Now it is mine We should share. Mommmmmmaaaaaa!

Oh the drama.

Here is another one of my favorites:

Momma: Stella, stop playing with sharp knives (insert anything here...stop running with scissors, stop painting the hallway with nail polish, stop dressing up the get the picture!).

Stella: nevvverrrr lettttt meeeee playyyy with knivvvessssss.

Stomps off and slams door.

I have witnessed more arms crossed, head wiggling, feet stomping then I ever thought I would see at four years old. Ummm, 4 is the new teenager!!

4 is the new 16.

Wordless Wednesday - Skiing

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Beach Weekend

We are back from our beach weekend and I already miss it! We had such a nice time...just doing what we wanted when we wanted.

A quick picture of my red, white and blue kids:

We started our 4th of July with a parade:

I can not believe that is it ok for the people in parades to throw candy onto the sides of the street. It is kind of like Pavlov's we really want to train our children to run into the road after a tasty treat??

There was plenty of swimming in the pool (without swimmies:-)...

Some children were happier than others...

...and we had plenty of beach time.

It was so beautiful. I do not think I had felt that relaxed in years!! What a wonderful weekend.


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