Thursday, May 29, 2008

There's No Place Like Home


Don’t you wish every episode was two hours long!!

I think the big question on the night is who the heck is Jeremy Bentham?? Then we find out that it is John Locke!! Locke is the guy in the coffin!!

Going back to my wish list for the season finale, I think the writers really came through.

Jack: I can see why he is being eaten with guilt. He made sure Kate was safe but he did not look out for the rest of his friends. He also convinces everyone to lie. No wonder he is looking for a way back to the island. Now we find out that all of the Oceanic Six must go back.

Kate: So sad to see Kate and Sawyer spilt up. And…that scene with Claire. Freaked me out!!! I wonder why Claire does not want Aaron to go back to the island. It must have something to do with the 'bad things' that have been happening since they left.

Sawyer: What a hero!! I think we all knew he was staying on the island long before we knew who the Oceanic Six were. Don't you think Sawyer and Juliet are going to be a new couple??

Sun: Oh my goodness….I was so happy to see her get on the helicopter but that scene when the boat blew up. Crying. My. Eyes. Out.

Jin: I think he is alive but on the island. I think that is why Sun went to see Mr. Whitmore...I think she wants to get back to the island to go find Jin. When Jack’s dad showed up on the boat, I think he took/transported Michael and Jin somewhere. I am assuming it was back to the island. I really do hope Jin is alive.

Hurley: Where is Sayid taking Hurley? I am curious to see where this ‘safe place is’. Also, when he says "Check mate Mr Ecko" gave me goosebumps!!

Desmond: How cool was it that Penny and Desmond finally see each other. I am such a sucker for a good love story. Desmond must come clean to Penny about everything that happened on the island and she ends up protecting him from her father. She is the only person that can. Do you think Penny protects Frank the pilot as well? We know he survives but do not know much about his story after the island.

Sayid: I think Sayid has totally gone off the deep end once his true love dies. I hope he is genuine with his intentions to help Hurley.

Juliet: I am beginning to really like Juliet and I was very sad to see that she is still stuck on the island. I hope they develop her story a bit more next season.

Ben: I am not sure why Ben was destroying that hatch. I thought it was the time travel hatch and maybe it was. However, he certainly succeeded in ‘moving the island’. I am curious to hear how you think he did it.

Locke: Holy Cow!! John Locke is in the coffin at the end and he apparently had been making visits to people before “they” got to him. He laid a pretty heavy guilt trip on Jack…but here is what I do not understand; Walt would have known Locke. He would have called him Locke not “Jeremy Bentham”. This is going to be interesting! (This is where I would flip to the end of the book!!!)

So what did you think?? What questions to you have for next season?? Want more? Head over to Rocks in my Dryer for some other great questions to ponder!

Update: Trent from Pink is the New Blog has his final take on LOST here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


There is a momma duck in the courtyard where I work. About a month ago, she had twelve baby ducks. They were so cute; following her around everywhere.

The patients at the skilled nursing facility loved them. They fed the ducks and took care of them. One man even hosed down the courtyard every morning to keep it clean.

Well, yesterday they came and got the baby ducks. I guess they were a health hazard and the management swears they are being taken to a beautiful reserve (yeah, right!).

Here is the worst part.

They left the momma duck. I am not sure if it was an accident or if they didn't take her because she can fly on her own?? So now momma duck is walking around our courtyard just quacking her little heart out.

I am telling you, it is painful for me to think about it. When I gave birth four years ago, I became such a softie and anything can make me cry. To make matter worse...I came across this blog. Such an incredible and sad story. However, strangers are helping. This man told his story online and people are reaching out to him and his baby. Isn't it unbelievable how delicate life can be and also how people continue to connect to one another, even in harsh times.

Makes me think that momma duck is going to find her babies after all.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weeki Wachee Springs

Today we went to Weeki Wachee Springs, which the kids had fun saying over and over:

It was a great day. There was this great mermaid show (which Stella loved!!!)...

...and this really fun water park.

Stella had her mermaid doll in the bath tonight and Thomas had a million questions about the mermaids. It was so fun; we'll be back!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lost Without LOST

Anyone else missing LOST tonight? Click here for a recap of the entire season!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2nd Annual Water Day

At the end of each school year, the kids have a water day. Parents bring pools, water tables and sprinklers for the kids to play with. I posted last year about how the kids had a blast. This year was just a fun!

This year there was shaving cream involved. The twins are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to tactile play. I will let you guess who's who!

Tactile defensive:

Not so much:

The big hit of the party was this sprinkler that looked like a rocket. I am going to have to find this for Thomas!

What a great day!

Do they look any bigger??

Stella 2007

Stella 2008

Oh my took me an entire year to grow out Stella's bangs!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas 2007

Thomas 2008

At least his pants are staying up this year:-)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Blog Anniversary to Me!

It has been exactly one year since my first post!

And what a year it has been!

Two hundred and eighty posts later, I have blogged about Thomas and Stella...even my perfect hubbie! I have written about the ups and downs of motherhood from my perspective.


Well, here is to another fabulous year online!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Let me start by saying that I am the type of gal that will read the first chapter of a book, then flip to the back and read the ending. I will then try to figure out how the story gets from point A at the beginning to point B at the end. Now, with that said, once we have the story of LOST all wrapped up nice and neat (you hear me LOST writers….nice and neat!!!!!) I will need to watch it all again beginning to end.

I liked tonight's episode. I do not think too many new questions were raised and we were given some answers. We have the Oceanic Six arriving back home to friends and family (except for poor Kate). They try to get back to some type of normalcy. Sun seeks revenge on her father by taking over his business. Do you think the second person who is responsible for Jin’s death is the bald man she had an affair with? Or do you think she blames herself? Jack holds a service for his father where he learns Claire is his sister and therefore Aaron is his nephew. Hurley’s family throw a surprise island themed party and his father gives Hurley his old car back. Then he sees the numbers again!!! Ahhhhh….I can understand why he ran away!

This is my wish list for the season finale:

1. Who is in the coffin? The survivors said 8 people survived the crash but there is only six…..who are the two they are missing? And is one of them in the coffin? I think it is Michael in the coffin and that makes me so sad. I really need Walt to forgive Michael. I loved those early scenes of Walt and Michael really bonding.

2. What is going to happen to the people who are on the island once Locke does something with the orchid? Right now, I think it is interesting the way people are paired up…..Jack is with Sawyer; we know Jack gets off the island and Sawyer does not…..same with Jin, Sun, Desmond, and Michael. See….this is where I would flip to the end of the book!!

3. I need the, well for lack of a better term, ‘teams’ explained to me. In simple terms please. We have the survivors of the crash, the people with works for Mr. Whitmore (who are all a bit angry and wear way too much eyeliner), the others…Ben, the man who never ages, etc. But then who does the ‘whispering’ in the jungle. I would like that cleared up too.

There seems to be this cyclic theme and I think everything is going to repeat itself. This is an interesting theory I found on a message board:

They say something happens in the first 10 seconds of the pilot episode...well this may be it..
all episodes have been given a title..usually about the character(s) the show is focusing on...well the first episode was titled "pilot" at first many of us thought it was just named this because it was the first episode of a series...aka the "pilot episode"...however it was named this for another reason....because the episode was about the jack shepherd...

now this is where it gets fun...

if you rewatch the first episode of lost on season one..the "pilot" see jack,running through the jungle....he gets the beach...the camera spins around him once...and you see nothing but beach....the camera does another half-a-spin around him...and poof...there is the plane wreckage and survivors...

interested yet?keep reading..

when you camera does the half-a-spin move..the audience thinks it is still jack shepherd in present time...however it is jack shepherd the passenger on oceanic flight 815...not the pilot jack shepherd?

confused?let me try to clear it up...

in one episode jack said he wanted to take some flying lessons after he got off the island...which is what he did..and in the "pilot" episode it was actually showing jack shepherd...crashing back on the island a second time...running back to the beach to see if everyone was still there...which they werent...maybe they went off into the jungle?maybe they all died?who knows...

Update: I found this on

I mean, is Jack who is waking up in the jungle, the Jack from the future??

So, what did you think?

What is your wish list for the season finale??

There are many others (pardon the pun) who have thoughts on LOST...check them out at Rocks in my Dryer.

Update: Trent from Pink is the New Blog has his recap up. He has a fuzzy screen cap of someone else sitting on the plane. I thought I saw someone next to Jack!! Hmmmmm, who could it be??

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Best Mix of Both of Us

Twins at Howard Beach - Summer 2006

When did you two grow up so quickly? Stella, tonight you were so brave. I am not sure if anything scares you. You jump with joy and never look back. I am not sure how to handle all the drama you have been dishing out lately...and I have a feeling we this is just the beginning. You are always singing and dancing and daydreaming. You are the best parts of your mommy and daddy mixed together.

Thomas, you are so sweet. I am amazed at how considerate a young boy can be. You can be so quiet and you enjoy time by yourself and you can be so silly at the drop of a hat. Your mind is always working and you look at a problem and try to solve it. You are so athletic and competitive and yet so kind. You are the best parts of your mommy and daddy mixed together.

I want time to freeze. There are these moments. Perfect. Sometimes they are loud and crazy and sometimes they are quiet and unassuming. But I almost have to catch my breath...I want to 'catch' the moment and put it in my pocket so I can pull it out anytime I need to.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!! My day started out sweet. Two twin monkeys waking me up with kisses and presents from school. They painted beautiful boxes and added all sorts of jewels. Thomas even painted mine my favorite color! So sweet! Their teacher also asked the kids questions about me and then printed their answers on pretty paper. The answers were really cute. For example, Thomas said my favorite TV show was Scooby Doo. However their answer to 'what does your mommy do?' concerns me:

What does your mommy do? Talk too much (stella)
What does your mommy do? Uses knives (thomas)

Uses knives? Excuse me, Department of Family and Children Services is knocking at my door!!

Anyway....we headed over to Clearwater to see Papa, Gigi and Grandma Audrey. We had fun at the pool and then Carol and Bill came over for dinner. We had fun:-)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cabin Fever

Where to begin?? We are shown some flashbacks of a young boy named "John". I am assuming it is John Locke who was visited by the man who never ages (sorry...blanking on his name right now). It turns out that John Locke makes the wrong choice by picking the knife...or does he??

Later, when he is in therapy, John is visited by Abbadon. Do you think Abbadon is Jacob?? When he says, "Oh, John...I am much more than an orderly" really creeped me out.

John finally finds the cabin and goes inside to find Christian and Claire. Now tell me what you you think Jacob can possess the body of dead people? Do you think Claire was dead? Claire had this calm about her and said that Aaron was where he was supposed to be. I know this has to do with the time travel but I swear, I need a LOST tutor. How funny was it when we saw Horace in the woods. He has been dead for twelve years and there he was in the woods...malfunctioning.

I found this on a message board:

both ben & locke's mother's name was emily. the age difference seems to fit. does ben know this? he must right? anyone have any thoughts about this..... you think the man who never ages is John Locke's father?? Just a thought.

Oh I just found this! The man who never ages is Richard:
Richard Alpert is one of the Others who originally belonged to the group of Island inhabitants called the Hostiles. In the outside world, he presented himself as a doctor and recruiter for the Mittelos Bioscience Corporation. Many years ago, a young Ben encountered Richard in the Jungle, and asked if he was a Hostile. Richard questioned whether Ben even knew what that term meant, and asked Ben why he was out in the jungle alone. Ben responded that he was looking for his mother. When Richard enquired whether she was somewhere on the island, Ben replied that Richard wouldn't believe him. Ben explained that, although his mother died when he was born, he had seen her on two different occasions. Richard informed Ben that his people would be looking for him, and urged him to return to his home. Ben became upset and said that he hated it there, and pleaded with Richard to take him along with him. Richard acknowledged that it might be possible, but that Ben should think about it carefully, and "be very, very patient".

Thank goodness Sayid comes back to the island next week. If Sayid shuttles the "Oceanic Six" off the island, and the island gets "MOVED" before he can get the rest. I think this is how some get off and some do not. I think we are going to get a little more info each week.

Be sure to head over to Rocks in my Dryer to read all the different LOST blogs!

Update: Trent from Pink in the New Blog has his recap up and it is hilarious!

Eight is Great (continued)

Welcome to the world Harper Elisabeth!! We can not wait to see you tomorrow.

And....I want to wish my very good friend Angela a very happy birthday!! It has been a long time since our 'spice girl' hair and 'pleather' pants and I hope you have fun today!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eight is Great!

Boogiemum asked me to participate in this game of Crazy Eights by sharing eight unusual or little known facts about myself. Let's get down to it:

1. I am an unusually good parallel parker. Several people have doubted my abilities while in the passenger seat and I always come through. My husband has been very, very impressed with this ability.

2. I hate to pump gas. I actually have run out of gas on several occasion because I will not stop at a gas station. I am not sure if this will ever change.

3. Since Boogiemum mentioned Orphan Annie, I have to share this one. When I was very little, my mother and grandmother took me to see Annie on Broadway. In the middle of "The Sun Will Come Out", I stood up and started singing the song. Loudly. My mom said I was mesmerized.

4. I only watch trashy TV. Nothing educational. I love Rock of Love, The Hills, Dancing with the Stars, Jon and Kate plus Eight.

5. I dislike coffee. When I was very young I asked my dad if I could try his. He told me it tasted like hot chocolate and I was so disappointed that it did not. I am now on a constant search for coffee that does not taste like coffee. So far Duncan Donuts with cream and sugar takes first prize.

6. My dream is to live on a farm. I wish my husband and kids could move to the middle of nowhere and have millions of animals. I could walk away from the suburbs in a second.

7. I am freakishly calm in a crisis. I wish my friend Neeti read my blog because we used to laugh about it all the time in college.

8. Eight is my favorite number of all time. Eight is great.

Ok, now my turn to tag eight people. I would tag my friend Erin but I am pretty sure she is in labor:-)
Sunshine and Momma
Loralees Looney Tunes
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2 be blissed
Chicken and Cheese
Lynn's Law
Thrifty Florida Mama

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Pacifiers are Gone

Well, I will just say it. My children used pacifiers at night and they just turned four.

I know, I know....believe me, we have heard it all. I would have judged me before I had children.

Quite frankly, I didn't care what anyone else thought. I was not ready to make them give up their "pi's". However, something changed last Friday night.

Tony and I decided it was time. We explained what we were doing and it may be difficult but we knew they could do it.

Friday night, they cried for at least an hour and a half. It was terrible. They also woke up periodically throughout the night. Saturday naps were rough and Saturday night they cried for about forty five minutes. Thomas slept through the night but Stella woke up a whole bunch.

But then....Sunday bedtime was so smooth. They both went to bed with no tears and no waking up. I have read that it takes three days to get rid of anything and I agree!!

Thomas said, "Mama, this is hard and I may cry a little bit" before bed on Saturday night....awwwwww!!

Now I am happy to report they have completely given up their "pi's". They even had a pi party with Miss Kelly (at some point, I need to stop calling her that...she now has a real job). Tony and I are proud of them and we are proud of us.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sea World

We had a great day at Sea World today. It was hot, hot, hot but we still had a great time. We convinced Lynn to come with us too!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Something Nice Back Home

Sooooo...Tony and I were able to go out to dinner last night on a date and I drank a bit o' wine. I couldn't really process last nights episode of LOST let alone blog about it. Here we go:

I was surprising happy to see Jack and Kate together in the future. However, it appears as though Jack did something wrong to get there. We know he 'changed his mind' about being with Kate but then we hear from Hurley who was told by Charlie that Jack 'shouldn't be raising him'. I thought it was interesting that Hurley compared their lives off the island to heaven. Hurley thinks they all died and did not get off the island. I know this all has to do with time travel but it makes my head spin still! The thing I found interesting was that both Jack and Hurley seemed to be back in the same place where they were before they ever got to the island. Hurley was back at a mental clinic talking with “imaginary” friends. Jack was back to abusing substances, being overly jealous/ suspicious/ paranoid about what his woman was doing. Kate was the only one that has apparently been changed by the island experience...UNLESS there is something behind her phone conversation.

I am always on the edge of my seat when it comes to Claire and the baby. How did that guy Keamy survive the attack of the smoke monster?? It was killing me when they were hiding in the bush. So Claire and Jack's dad is back...on the island for Claire and in the 'real world' for Jack. What the heck happened to Claire????

I am also concerned about Jin and Sun. I think Charlotte figured out that Sun is pregnant because Jin wants to get her off the island so badly. I do not like her at all; Charlotte that is.

Can't wait to hear what you thought!!!

Update: Trent from Pink is the New Blog has his recap up and it is soooo funny.


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