Friday, February 29, 2008


I am frugal by nature. I now know it is in my genes. My grandmother was/is the same way. I have embraced my frugality and am lucky to have found someone to share my life with who has the same idea about life and money.

So now I need to make a confession.

Last year, Tony took me to this scrumptious restaurant on one of our sparse date nights. He has not stopped talking about the food since that evening. So, last night, I took him back for his birthday dinner. Oh my goodness...the food is rich and indulgent (along with the prices).

We started by splitting a bottle of champagne and Tony had Escargots (snails in garlic butter) for an appetizer while I had Gateau De Crabe (crab cake on a fried green tomato topped with Cajun hollandaise sauce).

Have I mentioned Tony loves to try new foods?

I chose Aubergine Bayou Teche (eggplant fried with crab meat, shrimp and Cajun hollandaise sauce, caviar potatoes, haricots verts, braised carrots) for my meal and Tony had Lapin (boneless rabbit braised in veal stock with California prunes, macaroni ham and cheese).

We ended the meal with the most heavenly raspberry Les Souffl├ęs de Jean Baptiste.

I think Tony loved his birthday meal and thank goodness we do cut corners the way we do so we do not have to feel (too) guilty about the money.

Splitting a bottle of champagne...$50
Cost of dinner at fancy restaurant...$140
Spending uninterrupted time with the person you love......priceless!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Constant

Thank goodness I was watching LOST tonight with my good friend Lynn. I needed to talk this episode out with someone.

Tonight's episode focused on Desmond and also on the subject of time travel. We have been treated to flash forwards and flashbacks but tonight Desmond was able to "jump" between two time periods. Once I was able to wrap my brain around it, it opened up some interesting doors.

It appears that once you leave the island, like the Oceanic Six are going to do, you could suffer some 'side effects' as Daniel Faraday calls them. For example, Jack could get off the island and then it could be 1996 but he has all the memories of what had happened up to 2004. So when we see drunken Jack with the crazy beard, I thought it was a flash forward but maybe it was a flashback. He does say in the hospital when he is drunk "Go get my father" and no one flinches (good point Lynn!!). Jack is haunted by what is to come.

Same with Hurley. Maybe he gets off the island and when we see in the mental institution and he says, "We need to go back and get them" he means go to the island in the first place. When we see Hurley at the mental institution and he sees is the past. Charlie is still alive.

I also think this works for Sayid. He gets off the island and goes back in time. He seeks out Ben and they are trying to prevent (?) the crash from happening by killing those involved.

Kate still confuses me. Does she get off the island and then name her baby after the memory of Aaron (that has yet to come). Not sure about this one...I need to hear what everyone else is thinking.

Some random (but related) thoughts:

A doctor comes in to sick bay to give the other 'patient' on the boat a shot. The patient screams about how all of them are going to get sick the closer they get to the island. Could this be the same "sickness" that Danielle always talked about back in the day? It looked like the same medicine they were trying to give Claire when she was kidnapped for a day.

At an auction in the past, Charles Widmore is participating in an auction to win the first mate of the Black Rock's journal. Hmmm, this is all connected. The Black Rock crashed on the island and no one has read the first mate's journal. Penny's dad is a key player.

Lastly, how cute are Penny and Desmond? Such a sweet love story! That is it for me. Anyone who does not watch this TV show will read this post and think the show is crazy...well it is but I am still addicted.

Why do I even care?

But I do!!

Twin Love

Sunday, February 24, 2008

B*tch is the New Black

I love Tina Fey! Skip to the middle to hear what she has to say about Hillary.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Wow! Where do I begin?? This is what I am thinking:

1. The Oceanic Six did something terrible and/or something that they are not proud of to get off the island.

2. They are protecting the other survivors on the island. Remember Jack says "there were only eight survivors" while at Kate's trial. But why? Are the others (not to be confused with "The Others") dead or were they just left on the island?

3. Something must happen to Claire. She would not willingly give up Aaron and Kate would not steal him.

4. Why is it difficult for Jack to see Aaron?

5. Ben has been traveling around, going off the island and making money. He obviously has someone with a lot of money looking for him and that person employed Miles, Charlotte, etc.

6. Who is Regina on the boat? The bracelet from last episode had the initials "RG" on it....same person?

7. What was with that memory game Charlotte was playing?

8. I know Jack loves Kate but Kate wants Sawyer to love her and he does not know how so Kate tries to love Jack. Sawyer was right to call Kate out...she does bounce back and forth between Jack and Sawyer.

9. Does the helicopter not arriving on the boat have something to do with time travel?

10. We know the Oceanic Six are: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron and ____. Who do you think the sixth is? I do not think Desmond or Ben count.

So it is obvious that the six initially want to get off the island and then when they do they regret it. Jack was looking quite dapper in his suit; he had not started drinking and taking pills yet. Something begins to eat him up inside. When Kate says, "I have to get back to him", she could have been referring to her 'son'. The Oceanic Six are 'haunted' by something once they get off the island and that is what is going to be interesting to figure out.

I just have to say one more time that I am so happy with the writers on this show. I think they have taken the show in a very interesting direction.

Proms and Gospel Choirs

I have officially stopped sleeping. Our department is going through re-accrediation which is as scary as it sounds. I am also putting together a workshop for 100 people this weekend along with a coworker. My stress has reached an all time high. Last night I had a dream that I was throwing a prom and everyone had feathered hair and bad prom dresses. I was trying to find a gospel choir to sing and 140 extra people had shown up in my dream. Ahhhh! I can not wait for this weekend to be over with. Thank goodness the kids are spending the weekend at Papa and Gigi's. At least I know they will be having a mini vacation while I am pulling my hair out.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Thomas after playing on the playground all morning long:

It feels like I have milk in my socks.

No, baby. It is just sweat.


I want to have milk in my socks!

They have a case of the monkey-see, monkey-do's!!

Proud Mommy Moment

Yesterday was going along as such a nice day. The kids can get very tired on the weekend because their weeks can be so busy. They still take an afternoon nap but on the weekends, it is imperative that they get some sleep. They fall asleep at 2:00 and 45 minutes later our neighbor and her daughter sit on their patio just talking. The daughter screams bloody loud that I go outside to see if everyone is ok.

Oh, I just saw a lizard.

~grrrrr~ Have I mentioned how much I love our neighbors?? I go back inside and who is up? Yep, two sleepy kids.

Later on we decide to go to Barnes and Noble. Thomas loves the train table and Stella loves, loves, loves all the books. When it was time to go, Thomas did not want to go (and remember he is overtired too). He starts to cry and I try to calm him down.

There is this moment when the situation goes from manageable to out of control.

Well, it went there.

Thomas is screaming at the top of his lungs. I pick up him and try to get out of the store ASAP. He is kicking, screaming and trying to get away from me. Anyone looking on 1. quickly decided to never have children themselves and 2. thought I was trying to abduct this little boy.

I was mortified. Top of his lungs!

So, help me out here. Anyone have a story like this to share? I need something to help me recover.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Our Saturday started so nicely. It is a beautiful day here and we are still loving our screened in porch!

The kids wanted to paint:

Thomas showing off his nice new banged up chin:

My handsome Bubba Yub Yub:

Hmmm, what should I paint?

The final product:

We are not doing much...just some stuff around the house and I have to work a bit. Hope you are having a good weekend too!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Economist

Love was in the air tonight on LOST. Kate and Sawyer were reunited and, awwwww....he wants to stay on the island and 'play house' with her. Also, the focus of tonights episode was on Sayid and his love interest Elsa (who had on the same bracelet that Naomi had!). Before I go on, I have some questions:

1. Who was the guy that Sayid was playing golf with? I know he was on 'the list' but do we know him? And doesn't that 'list' remind you of the 'list' the others had in the very beginning when the plane first crashed??

2. Ben is Sayid's employer?? So is it possible that Ben is the reason the Oceanic 6 are wacko in the future? Can he STILL be manipulating them? And...If Ben experiments on puppies, I'm going to hate him more than ever!!!

3. Sayid killed Elsa but she was already setting him up?

The good news is we know one more of the Oceanic Six. We now have:
1. Kate
2. Jack
3. Hurley
4. Sayid
5. ??
6. ??

I still think Sun and Jin get off the island but I am so sad Claire is not one of them. Lynn was so right! Sayid gets off the island.

I can not wait until next week to see where this is all going with the helicopter crew. There is a time delay on the island? Does that have something to do with the crash and/or the cover up?

Sometimes this show drives me crazy. You get one piece of information and three more questions are raised.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dog Food Coupon

Have I mentioned how many animals we now have in our itty bitty house? Well, I am always on the lookout for good coupons for pet food and I wanted to pass on this $5.00 off Iams dog food. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


About a week ago, Thomas and Stella were taking a bath. Thomas had his hands in between his legs playing with something.

Mama, what are these by my penis?

Ummm, Tony! Well, those are your balls. (I know I should have used the correct term but I was caught off guard. )

The look on his face was priceless. He loves balls....basketballs, soccer balls, bouncing balls. You could see him processing how much fun it would be to have some attached to his body.

Mama, what do they do?

Ummmm, Tony. I mean it. Get. In. Here. Now!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Confirmed Dead

Another great episode of LOST was on tonight. I can't help but want more information but I am pleased the writers seem to have a clear direction they are taking us in.

So we now know the team of people from the helicopter are Dan, Miles, Charlotte, Frank the pilot and Naomi (is she really dead???). Naomi works for Matthew Abbadon who was the guy creeping Hurley out in the mental institution. Naomi told the group last season that she was working for Desmond’s girlfriend, Penny, but we now know that is not true. Hmmm, is there a connection to Penny? Probably...this is LOST.

So let me talk myself through this....the helicopter crew’s lands on the island and they want to kill Ben. Six of the survivors get off the island and, in some way, compromise the other survivors. Who wants the Oceanic Six to come back (remember, Hurley says to Jack that "he wants us to come back")?? Is it Jacob or for some reason I am thinking Locke?? I think the Oceanic Six are:

1. Jack
2. Kate
3. Hurley
4. Sun
5. Jin
6. Claire with baby Aaron

**Do you think the funeral guy is Michael? Do you think it is possible that Michael is Ben's guy on the boat?? **

So these six get off the island and then the island explodes and sinks?? Hence the underwater shots of the plane. I actually think those were totally staged by that creepy Matthew guy.

Some random thoughts:
1. Charlotte creeped me out the way she was looking at Claire's baby.
2. There was a cow on the island?
3. There was a polar bear in the desert??
4. Ben is soooo smart and so fun to dislike!
5. Locke seemed interested that Hurley knew where the cabin was.

Oh, I stumbled upon this interesting you think it is real?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It is bad enough that Stella has to wear an extra large bike helmet that makes her look like she should ride the short bus to school, but listen to what Tony dressed her in for school day:

green shirt with a bedazzled heart on it
denim skirt with a hot pink belt that says "Daddy's Girl"
red sparkly shoes (like the ones from Wizard of Oz) with white socks

Are you kidding me??

Yep, still cute

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


TNT is back! We missed our "Tuesday Nights Together" at our church. Yes, the dinner meal they serve is also a treat too. The kids were back to singing and we were back in our Bible study. The pastor who leads our group, Becky, introduced us to a new video series. The series takes a contempory issue and relates it to scripture. It also is very visually appealing and looks very young and hip. Yes, I just used the term 'hip'. Anyway, tonight was this story about a man who takes his one year old son on a hike around a lake. He has the young boy on his back in a carrier when half way around the lake, the clouds set in. The rain begins, the boy begins to cry; the rain falls harder and the cries get louder.

In our discussion, Becky pointed out that some people will say, "God if you love me, you would not have put me through ______" when in fact that is not true. The rain will come. You can be sure of it.

Back to the video...the rain is becoming violent and the father stops, takes the boy out of the carrier and wraps him in his coat while holding him close. The remainder of the trip home, the father says, "It's ok. I am here. You are going to be ok."

We discussed the rain that has come for some of us and how we are allowed to cry out. Well I am crying...figuratively and literally. Work is my rain. My job is taking such a toll on me and I am in that rain storm right now. Thank goodness I do have people wrapping me up and telling me, "It is going to be ok."

I know I have to surrender. I try to think, and think, and plan, and think. I know I need to let some of that go. I am not. going. to. quit. my. job. today. (repeat as needed).

I will be ok.

Google Search

Ok, someone just searched "lose my mind and cut" and this post came up. Think they were disappointed to read about my holiday baking plans??


Saturday, February 2, 2008


The twins have been at Papa and Gigi's since Thursday night. They are happy to be home now but they have been spoiled.

You will see Queen Stella is so sleepy from her couple days of excitement:

They are learning about the letter "Q" this week in school. I was wondering what Thomas' crown would say. I didn't think our preschool was progressive enough to send Thomas home in a queen's crown. ;-)

My mother drove the twins back today and we met up at IKEA. It was her first time and I kept saying to her, "you have no idea". It is so huge and has soooooo much.

I have been working on getting my kitchen organized. I began when my sister Megan was here. She helped me pick out organizational stuff to get started. I picked up a couple more tall containers and a couple more blue bins today. This is an exposed area in my kitchen and I think it looks better.

I am posting about organizing. I am such a geek.

I was also very excited to give my mom her overdue birthday present. I huge framed portrait of her dog, Nelson. (Yes, her dog has a blog!)

Friday, February 1, 2008

You're going to have your hands full...

It is a great sign when your parent/teacher conference begins with that statement?

Tony and I met with the twin’s teacher today. She said they are doing great and really had only positive things to say (of course!!!). She did say that as a mother of three girls, she thought we were going to have our hands full with Stella. She is bright and you can not get anything by her. She is also very social so sometimes she is too busy with her friends to be bothered by what the teacher is saying. Hmmm, sound like anyone you know?? I think Gigi would say that Stella is taking after her mother. Thomas had an equally good report. The teacher noted he is so good at following the rules. That is so true. At home, Thomas will be the one to clean up and he reminds Stella.

Overall, great kids. I knew that!! :-)

The other great news is that we signed the kids up for VPK and it is free! That is right, four days of! Free! I have to say it one more!


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