Thursday, May 29, 2008

There's No Place Like Home


Don’t you wish every episode was two hours long!!

I think the big question on the night is who the heck is Jeremy Bentham?? Then we find out that it is John Locke!! Locke is the guy in the coffin!!

Going back to my wish list for the season finale, I think the writers really came through.

Jack: I can see why he is being eaten with guilt. He made sure Kate was safe but he did not look out for the rest of his friends. He also convinces everyone to lie. No wonder he is looking for a way back to the island. Now we find out that all of the Oceanic Six must go back.

Kate: So sad to see Kate and Sawyer spilt up. And…that scene with Claire. Freaked me out!!! I wonder why Claire does not want Aaron to go back to the island. It must have something to do with the 'bad things' that have been happening since they left.

Sawyer: What a hero!! I think we all knew he was staying on the island long before we knew who the Oceanic Six were. Don't you think Sawyer and Juliet are going to be a new couple??

Sun: Oh my goodness….I was so happy to see her get on the helicopter but that scene when the boat blew up. Crying. My. Eyes. Out.

Jin: I think he is alive but on the island. I think that is why Sun went to see Mr. Whitmore...I think she wants to get back to the island to go find Jin. When Jack’s dad showed up on the boat, I think he took/transported Michael and Jin somewhere. I am assuming it was back to the island. I really do hope Jin is alive.

Hurley: Where is Sayid taking Hurley? I am curious to see where this ‘safe place is’. Also, when he says "Check mate Mr Ecko" gave me goosebumps!!

Desmond: How cool was it that Penny and Desmond finally see each other. I am such a sucker for a good love story. Desmond must come clean to Penny about everything that happened on the island and she ends up protecting him from her father. She is the only person that can. Do you think Penny protects Frank the pilot as well? We know he survives but do not know much about his story after the island.

Sayid: I think Sayid has totally gone off the deep end once his true love dies. I hope he is genuine with his intentions to help Hurley.

Juliet: I am beginning to really like Juliet and I was very sad to see that she is still stuck on the island. I hope they develop her story a bit more next season.

Ben: I am not sure why Ben was destroying that hatch. I thought it was the time travel hatch and maybe it was. However, he certainly succeeded in ‘moving the island’. I am curious to hear how you think he did it.

Locke: Holy Cow!! John Locke is in the coffin at the end and he apparently had been making visits to people before “they” got to him. He laid a pretty heavy guilt trip on Jack…but here is what I do not understand; Walt would have known Locke. He would have called him Locke not “Jeremy Bentham”. This is going to be interesting! (This is where I would flip to the end of the book!!!)

So what did you think?? What questions to you have for next season?? Want more? Head over to Rocks in my Dryer for some other great questions to ponder!

Update: Trent from Pink is the New Blog has his final take on LOST here.


Abbreviated said...

Sawyer calling Frank Kenny Rogers was classic !

shamalam said...

As I watched it, I thought, they answered my questions, I see what has to happen next (no how, but what), it was a great episode.

Loved Sawyer jumping from the helicopter.

There was another name wasn't there? That Sayid said? Or did he say Bethem's dead? They say it was suicide?

I think Sun is a force- she is taking names and getting what she wants. But at what price?

Yes, Jack, poor Jack.

I did find the Miles and Charlotte conversation really interesting... about her spending so much time trying to get back "here".


Cassie said...

You're right--so many questions! I posted a ton on my blog too, with a few theories for next season :)

Claire showing back up really freaked me out too! So is she dead or alive? I really can't decide.

I've been really surprised at how many people have said they think Jin is alive. I really just thought he was dead, but now that so many people are saying it, it really makes me wonder!

I guess we'll have to wait til next year to find out!

Melissa said...

I wonder whether the island was moved in location or in time? I kind of think time...

Stella and Thomas said...

I think Charlotte is going to play a big role next season. I have been reading other people blogs and some people think she is Sawyer's daughter...some people have even said Sun and Jon daughter but I think that may be impossible with that red hair and freckles.

I am so glad other people are as in to it as I am. I wish it wasn't over. I am already looking forward to next season!!

Jen @ Daily Mish Mash said...

I agree about the goosebumps with the Mr. Ecko (of course after I had to remember exactly who in the world Mr. Ecko was--guess I'm not as big of a fan as some.) I loved the scene with Sawyer and Kate and also the Desmond/Penny reunion. So sweet! It is going to be a lonnnggg wait until next season!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to know what Sawyer whispered to Kate before he jumped from the helicopter? Did he tell he that he loved her? Was he giving her information about what to do next? Was he apologizing for the past?

But my favorite moment was seeing Desmond and Penny reunited! It made all the convoluted plot twists and cliffhanger endings so far totally worth it!

Stella and Thomas said...

I read somewhere that Sawyer asked Kate to check in on his daughter. However...I cannot for the life of me remember...did I know Sawyer has a daughter????

shamalam said...

Yes, that was my guess too... remember the woman who con'ed Sawyer and then ended up helping Kate see her mother? That is Sawyer's baby momma. There was something too about him getting out of jail by giving some of the money he had stashed to his daughter?

Angela said...

Loved loved this season... I too think Sawyer jumping from the helicopter was awesome, and cried for Sun when Jin "died"...

I also like the pic of your kids in the cockpit in the bottom of your blog! Very cute! My husband is a private pilot, and we have a Piper Cub.

Rebecca said...

I liked your recap, too. :)

That scene between Sawyer and Kate was so romantic. Swoon...

Crystal said...

Locke threatened them all into calling him Bentham because he can't let anyone find out he was on Oceanic 815.

Mamacita said...

Oh, I loved the hero moment that Sawyer had. He's a softie deep-down. I always knew it. :)

Stella and Thomas said...

I think that makes sense...what Crystal said...Locke made everyone call him a different name b/c if 'they' knew he left the island, he would be killed.

Here is what I do not get...why is Mr. Whitmore not hunting the Oceanic Six?? They know about the island, maybe not about the time travel, but shouldn't he want all of them dead too??


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