Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cabin Fever

Where to begin?? We are shown some flashbacks of a young boy named "John". I am assuming it is John Locke who was visited by the man who never ages (sorry...blanking on his name right now). It turns out that John Locke makes the wrong choice by picking the knife...or does he??

Later, when he is in therapy, John is visited by Abbadon. Do you think Abbadon is Jacob?? When he says, "Oh, John...I am much more than an orderly" really creeped me out.

John finally finds the cabin and goes inside to find Christian and Claire. Now tell me what you you think Jacob can possess the body of dead people? Do you think Claire was dead? Claire had this calm about her and said that Aaron was where he was supposed to be. I know this has to do with the time travel but I swear, I need a LOST tutor. How funny was it when we saw Horace in the woods. He has been dead for twelve years and there he was in the woods...malfunctioning.

I found this on a message board:

both ben & locke's mother's name was emily. the age difference seems to fit. does ben know this? he must right? anyone have any thoughts about this..... you think the man who never ages is John Locke's father?? Just a thought.

Oh I just found this! The man who never ages is Richard:
Richard Alpert is one of the Others who originally belonged to the group of Island inhabitants called the Hostiles. In the outside world, he presented himself as a doctor and recruiter for the Mittelos Bioscience Corporation. Many years ago, a young Ben encountered Richard in the Jungle, and asked if he was a Hostile. Richard questioned whether Ben even knew what that term meant, and asked Ben why he was out in the jungle alone. Ben responded that he was looking for his mother. When Richard enquired whether she was somewhere on the island, Ben replied that Richard wouldn't believe him. Ben explained that, although his mother died when he was born, he had seen her on two different occasions. Richard informed Ben that his people would be looking for him, and urged him to return to his home. Ben became upset and said that he hated it there, and pleaded with Richard to take him along with him. Richard acknowledged that it might be possible, but that Ben should think about it carefully, and "be very, very patient".

Thank goodness Sayid comes back to the island next week. If Sayid shuttles the "Oceanic Six" off the island, and the island gets "MOVED" before he can get the rest. I think this is how some get off and some do not. I think we are going to get a little more info each week.

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Update: Trent from Pink in the New Blog has his recap up and it is hilarious!


shamalam said...

I too was a bit overwhelmed by all the information... and doing the math I'm trying to figure out what happens next season... if they get off the island...

Not being a huge science fiction fan it is hard for me to fathom the different ways this can be played out...

But I'm finding it very interesting and frustrating at the same time.

Claire has to be drugged or dead... no one is that calm if there baby has been taken away from them... NO ONE!

I'm curious what the phone is for that the pilot dropped out.. I don't think he wanted them to follow... but what were his original intentions? I think he wants to save them. And that military guy... is very psycho- what is that thing on his arm?

Cassie said...

Where have we seen Horace before? I swear we have seen him, right? But my husband says he's not Ben's father, so I couldn't place him.

Also...Who is Abbadon? I mean, I recognize his face but I thought he was a "bad" guy--that he was against the island. Isn't he the guy who showed up in Hugo's flash forward and tried to force him to tell if others are still on the island?

UGH! So confused!

fullycompletely said...

Yes, yes and yes. Richard could definitely be Lockes' REAL father.

Stella and Thomas said...

Right now, I am trusting Frank the pilot...maybe I should not. I thought he would want them to NOT follow them. I think the thing strapped to angry military man's arm is a bomb. I think he wants to blow up the entire island.

I think we have see Horace before but the way LOST does it, I never can remember. They are good:-)

Abbadon visits Hurley in the hospital. Oh he is so creepy!! His eyes freak me out!!

Sarah said...

Abbadon is also the guy that puts the team together to go to the island. I can't remember her name, but the woman that lock stabbed, Naiomi? He recruited her and when she asked "What if we find survivors?" he said there were none.

Stella and Thomas said...


See, it takes a village to watch this show:-)

Crystal said...

How do we know Abbadon's name? I never catch those things. I knew I recognized him from somewhere. I"m glad you cleared up that he is working for Whidmore to put together the team and comes to visit Hurley later. Is that because they know about Hurley's connection to the Island and think he can find it again??

I think the theory that Claire is dead is a good one. It really makes sense. Why else would she leave Aaron?

I totally think Ben and Locke are brothers. I think they have the same mother. I do not think that Richard is Locke's father. We know who his father is. That is why their kidneys mathced...right?

Great point about Sayid rescuing 5 people (plus himself) and then Locke moves the island before he can get back to it. Sounds like a bonehead John Locke move.

shamalam said...

I don't think the guy who took Locke's kidney was his Dad, I believe he was a scam artist, he is the Sawyer James named himself for.... but some how he got to the island, there was something about I was in a box and then I was here.

Plus if John's Dad was twice Emily's age, he would be pretty darn old at this point.

Abbadon is confusing, and creepy, notice he and Richard (is that the guy who never ages) both have beautiful bright eyes, coincidence?


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