Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stella's Day

My parents came over to watch all the kiddos play soccer a couple weeks ago. Stella's game was unexpectedly cancelled. She was so upset Papa and Gigi couldn't see her play.

So this week they came over ~just~ to see her play.


And they brought their new puppy....Cooper!

Needless to say, Stella was thrilled!

Thursday, September 24, 2015


James' artwork from his first art class
Over the years, I have written about the challenges we faced with James' sleep. It was not perfect but we felt it was what he needed so until recently, James sleep on a bed in our room.
And then he didn't.
He now sleeps in his room.
He went to first grade without his older siblings, he stays after school one day a week for an art club (not knowing anyone) and he sleeps in his room.
I would be lying if I said I did not struggle with James and his sleep over the years. I felt like we were not doing what we should have as parents....that he 'should have' been sleeping in his room. I would talk to our pediatrician about it and very honestly explain, I know its not perfect, but it is what is working right now. I always went back to the fact that I felt James needed it. He needed the comfort and security of being close to us. And now, at six and a half, he doesn't. Six plus years is a long time to deal with sleep issues, except having older kids, I know that it is actually not. Because just like that, he sleeps in his room and he will probably never need to sleep on our floor again.
I do not know all the answers when it comes to parenting but I do feel good that he transitioned on his own time, when he was comfortable. :)


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