Monday, August 18, 2014

2007 (Preschool):

2008 (VPK):

2009 (Kindergarten):

2010 (1st Grade):

2011 (2nd Grade):

2012 (3rd Grade/Preschool):

2013 (4th Grade/VPK):

2014 (5th Grade/K):

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meet the Teacher

This year we have come full circle. In 2009, Tony and I walked Stella and Thomas into 'Meet the Teacher' and today, we walked James into the same kindergarten classroom with the same kindergarten teacher. We are so lucky to have the same teacher for James!

2007 (prek):

2008 (VPK):

2009 (K):

One was excited and one was not. Ha!

Write down 'get batteries' in my planner....check!
Forget to get batteries...check!
Send Tony to go get batteries...check!
Forget to take a single picture....yep, check!

2011 (2nd):

2012 (3rd/Prek):

2013 (4th/VPK):

2014 (5th/K):

Monday, August 11, 2014

Orlando World Center Mariott

It appears as though we have a new tradition....a weekend staycation with my parents before the craziness of the school year begins. This year we stayed at the Orlando World Center Mariott.

The pools were amazing and there were three large slides. This one was the favorite. Even Papa went down:)

Kiddie cocktails for the big kids!

There were activities going on all day for the kids. There was a Gatorland meet and greet, hula hoop contest, snow cones and a movie every night on the lawn.

Even with the crazy Florida summer weather, waiting out a thunderstorm was fun. There was a game room called The GRID where the kids could hang out and play. Just Dance was the favorite:)

The other thing the kids loved was the elevator. We took it up to the top and loved the view. They wanted to check it out at night too.

Quality time with my parents and some fun in the sun....what a treat! It was a great staycation.


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