Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Update

I was adding something to my calendar and I realized that next week is AUGUST. How did that happen and where did the summer go? We have been checking things off on our summer list but it is going by too quickly.

Thomas is doing a week long camp with Orlando City Soccer and he loves it. I can not believe the heat and the intensity of the drills, but each day he comes home happy. He has already requested to go again next year.

Stella is doing a week at Coach Lee's summer camp. Lots of her friends from school are there and she has had a blast.

James is enjoying his last summer of freedom:)

He has been missing his prek buddies so we had a not-so-small pool party with all the friends in town. We are so lucky to have developed friendship with those families....everyone had a great time.

There has been talks about school supplies, back to school shopping and fall soccer registration. I am just plugging my ears for as long as possible:)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Family Vacation Part 2 - Savannah

After our busy, busy, busy time in Atlanta we headed over to Savannah and had a change of pace. No one in our family has ever been to Savannah and we immediately all thought it was so pretty!

The one 'must do' on our trip was to visit the birthplace of Juliette Low. Stella was super excited to visit and the boys....well, not so much. However, after taking the tour and learning about Juliette, her talents, creativity and dedication to Girl Scouts, even the boys walked away pretty impressed.

We made sure to eat at some fun places like The Pirate House.....

....and The Crab Shack on Tybee Island.

But without a doubt, the best part of the trip was spending time with one of my very best friends Angela and her daughter Sidney. Our kiddos have known each other since birth and they always pick up like not a day had gone by since they have seen each other.

Our families had the best time together!

We spend a couple days in their neighborhood pool with some new adventures being documented. Their pool had two diving boards and one high dive. Thomas immediately went up the high dive and jumped off. It took Stella a couple of tries but then she did too. I was most surprised by James. He walked up on the diving board and then climbed down at least ten times.....then one time, he jumped. And then he did not stop. Over and over:) He was so proud of himself.

It was an amazing week spanning almost 1000 miles under our belt (and by 'our', I mean Tony's belt. I never drive). It was the perfect 4th of July spent with such great friends. I think everyone came home recharged.

And one the way home, we already started planning our road trip for next summer!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Family Vacation Part 1 - Atlanta

We set off on our annual summer vacation with our first stop being Atlanta. We knew there was a ton to see and do so we began with the Georgia Aquarium. Thomas was really excited because this aquarium houses the only whale shark in captivity.


We loved this aquarium. It was set up really nicely with a ton to see. With our kiddos being surrounded by SeaWorld, an aquarium can be a hard sell but everyone loved it.

The next day we headed over to World of Coca Cola. The kiddos do not drink Coke on a regular basis so the thought of unlimited soda was pretty appealing to them.

We sampled most of the flavors and our favorite was one from Africa and our least favorite was an earthy tasting one from Italy.

We then went over to the CNN building and took a tour.

The CNN building has a largest free standing escalator which was the highlight for the kiddos. Tony and I enjoyed the tour but this wasn't the kiddos favorite thing to do.

The next day we went to the zoo. I wanted to see the twin pandas:)

They are soooo cute:) They even have their own panda cam!

There was this cute area with rides and a rock wall for the kids. Even James gave it a try.

Throughout all of our adventures, we would sneak in some time with Aunt Megan! She was in town for a convention so we would steal some time whenever we could. I wish we could have stolen her away with us for the rest of our trip:)

That night we headed over to Stone Mountain Park. The kiddos were least excited to do this and it ended up being everyone's favorite part of the trip.

We rode a train around the entire park and took a cable car to the top of the mountain. The view from the top was beautiful!

We are living our adventure:)

When it was dark, there was a laser show and fireworks on the side of the mountain.

On our last day we went to Fernbank Museum of Natural History on our way out of town.

We ended up purchasing an Atlanta City Pass which included tickets to the aquarium, world of coca cola, CNN, the zoo and the museum of natural history. It saved quite a bit instead of purchasing all the tickets separately.

Then we were off to the second leg of our trip.....Savannah!


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